What am I doing here?

Hey there folks. I am a web developer and I currently work for the Graduate School of Business via Proxy via a well known company with a fantastic and experienced team. Recently I had a daughter and I decided that I wanted to do something that made my daughter feel proud of her daddy. Thus The Mech Project was born.

This game is something I plan on developing over the next few years in the hope that one day I will be able to play it with my daughter.

I am using the coppercube game engine, my first love, and I will be producing this multiplayer experience as a proof of concept for the engine and to support the community in the hope that one day, I can inspire my daughter to build something with me.

Furthermore, I want to reinvent Marsh Town Madness. Once upon a time, Marsh Town Madness was the leading go to, in terms of resources for Coppercube game engine. Unfortunately I could no longer sustain the website at the time and I made the regretful choice of abandoning the project and shutting it down due to personal reasons in my life.

This website looks to revive the coppercube glory days of Marsh Town Madness, but this time, I plan on doing it better and faster.

My pilot project is my multiplayer Mech Game. As I develop the game I will be open sourcing much of the code and providing all the secrets & tricks that I have developed and learned about the coppercube game engine.

This is a passion project and I will not be terminating this website like I did with Marsh Town Madness.

I hope that one day, my daughter can use the resources that we as a community will be providing here.

This website will be set up as a social network for coppercube developers. Fundamentally, the ambiera forums have always been lacking, buggy and disorganised. I hope to support the ambiera project by producing something that everyone will love and use.

I am a coppercube veteran and I know this engine inside and out.

I plan on sharing my love for this engine with you in the hope that you to can find the passion that I have found for this buggy little paradox of an engine.

It really is the most fun that I have had in any game engine.

It’s faults are it’s success. It is a nerds playground. Not to mention, this engine is the easiest engine to use on the market and I have built both 2D and 3D games in it, including a successful attempt at multiplayer.

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